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Spiro Management Consultants - The First Choice in Integrated Human Resource Management

     People – The human face of an organization, are its most cherished and valuable resources. In a world of multiple choices and multi-faceted people, you need someone to rely on for selecting employees. To provide you quality services that can cater to all your human resource needs at one go.

     Spiro Management Consultants is a reliable name in today’s modern corporate world for offering integrated consultancy services and we strive towards providing total HR services and solutions to our clients. Spiro signifies sunrise in Latin and for us, this sunrise means a new beginning, fresh thinking, innovative ideas and value add services. We strive to provide end to end HR services including recruitment, executive search, campus recruitment, training and a complete range of HR outsourcing solutions for our clients. At Spiro, our ultimate aim is create true value for your business, through the essential core asset of your company – your people.

     Basically Spiro Management Consultants is a sister concern of Spiro Solutions Pvt Ltd, which has been emerged as a reputed software consultant in the last decade. Spiro Solutions provide software solutions for wide range of industries from retail to top-notch technologies. Moreover we are one of the major technology and management-training providers in south India with more than 3, 00,000 trained Professional in various streams.

Why we are here…

In a world of multiple choices and multi-faceted people, Corporates are looking for the right person for right job with a cost, time effectiveness. Here, Spiro jobs, through our comprehensive network of talented job applicants, we recruit only the most qualified and skilled individuals within every industry to serve our clients in a specified time. Our main aim is client satisfaction and we have successfully won the admiration of a vast clientele spread all over India.

Our Expertise

Our domain expertise lies in the industries like IT, Non-IT, ITES, BFSI, HR, Construction, Communication & Transport, Aviation, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, etc, Beyond recruitment services, we are involved in working closely with you for your complete Human Resource requirements, in the form of research and HR solutions.

Emphasizing on timely deliveries and quality expertise, by integrating HR processes, as to provide the RIGHT PERSON for a RIGHT JOB, and we ensure that organizations derive maximum value from their human capital.

Our Mission:

We add values to our clients by doing things exactly rather than differently.

Our Objective

The primary role of Spiro is to provide a wide variety of Human Resource Consulting services in all vertical by facilitating identified, necessary change within an organization in order to enhance the success of the company. Our Management, Human Resource, and Training services are intended to improve productivity, Efficiency, Communication, and Employee ethics.

Whatever your industry may be, we, Spiro Management Consultant will work with your company to identify needs, develop an action plan, and assist with implementation. Thus we add and retain values to our clients through our excellent team.

Our Team

Team holds a significant importance in our manpower consultancy services and thus we rely upon them in all fronts. Our efforts are well supported by experienced consultants and personnel from various backgrounds like software development, computers, communication, telecom and others. In addition to this, we have a panel of personnel who are well versed with the concepts of taxation and finance.

Each of our team members have in-depth knowledge, understanding and awareness of all the services offered. Depending upon the regular changes that are met with in the industry, they are always updated with that and provide optimum consultation.

We have a robust team of executives, who have different backgrounds with a common understanding and objective of satisfying the client. Our executives have exemplary technical and interpersonal skills, through which we effectively scrutinize candidates before suggesting them to our client, for any type of requirement of the client. We have different teams of specialists for all sectors of jobs like IT, Non-IT, ITES, BFSI, HR Construction, Communication & Transport, Aviation, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, etc, through which we can effectively understand our clients’ needs and effectively analyze our candidate for relevant skills such that the candidate suits our client’s need.

EEE’s of Spiro Management Consultants

Our standardized 3Es credenda on staffing will effectuate the client’s extremity

  • • Extract
  • • Encounter
  • • Entreat


Firstly we extract right profiles from our pool of database such that it matches the client’s extremity. While extracting we consider the following criteria

  • • Impact
  • • Qualification
  • • Expectation
  • • Experience
  • • Matching of the skill set with the JD


Secondly we encounter candidates directly at our premises and evaluate them for matching with the client needs. While encountering we consider the following criteria

  • • First Impression
  • • Communication
  • • Brain and abilities
  • • Motivation and adjustment


Finally based on the evaluation made, we suggest the selected candidates to clients for further processes. For entreating the candidates we consider the following criteria:

  • • Motivation towards job
  • • Expectation
  • • Team cohesiveness
  • • Skill set conformity

Our Strengths

  • • Customized candidates to plug in any kind of industry
  • • We have efficient team of specialists who are from diversified industries and can well understand any type of client’s requirements and satisfy it by suggesting a well suitable candidate by analyzing the candidate for the requirement
  • • We use most reputable HR practices to recruit candidates
  • • We meet and test the candidate, before suggesting them to our clients


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