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Corporate Training Contents (Course Details)

      Thank you for visiting us. Our desire is to earn your trust and be the company you think of first when you need outsource training. Our programs are loaded with fun, Experiential learning, Industry Oriented and Practical applications. Your Managers, Executives, Management Trainee, Students will definitely enjoy the Training activities we provide. Spiro Academy has trained over 200 Managers/Executive/Management Students in Human Resource, Supervisory skills, Team building and goal Accomplishment.


  • 1. Day Training Course
  • 2. Day Training Workshop
  • 3. Day Training Seminar
  • 4. Half Day Training Course
  • 5. Highly recommended as an in-house option

Training Outcomes

      (Note: listed below are SPIRO Academy training modules. These modules can be included as a traditional training (presentation with Practical applications). Your selection(s) help us customize the training to fit your Organisations desired outcomes)

Understanding Your Organizationís Training and Development Needs

      SPIRO Academy is IS0 9001:2008 Certified specializing in human resources development for all organizational forms. Spiro HR would like to understand your organizationís needs for training, and organizational development interventions, in order to tailor make programs that help your organization achieve its goals, and mission.

 SPIRO Academy Training Program

Core-HR Training

  • 1. Payroll Administration (Form Filing, Statutory Compliances etc)
  • 2. Recruitment & Selection
  • 3. Training needs Assessment
  • 4. Faculty Development Program for HR Faculty
  • 5. Strategic Human Resource Management
  • 6. HRM for non HR professionals
  • 7. Designing HR policies
  • 8. Consulting Skills for HR professionals
  • 9. Labour Laws etc..

Performance Management

  • 1. Designing PMS for high performance
  • 2. Designing PMS for high performance

Leadership Development

  • 1. Leadership Skills
  • 2. Program on Building Values, Culture and Leadership
  • 3. Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change
  • 4. Mentoring Skills

People Development

  • 1. Communication Skill
  • 2. Business Communication
  • 3. Fluency Development
  • 4. Executive Competency Assessment & Development
  • 5. Becoming Team-Player and Team Leader
  • 6. Managerial Skills
  • 7. Confidence Building
  • 8. Behavioral Event Interviewing Skills
  • 9. People Management Skills for Middle Management
  • 10. Self Development Workshop

General Management

  • 1. HR Issues in Mergers and Acquisition
  • 2. Time Management
  • 3. Entrepreneur becoming professional leader (Young Professionals)
  • 4. Diversity Ė Cultural Imperatives and Engagement Strategies
  • 5. Women Empowerment
  • 6. Stress Audit and Executive Health
  • 7. Learning Psychometrics for Selection, Potential Assessment
  • 8. Team-Player and Leadership traits
  • 9. Organizational Climate Survey
  • 10. Professionalizing Sales Field force
  • 11. OD Interventions

Training & Development

  • 1. Developing and implementing a successful orientation program to keep new employees on board
  • 2. Conducting a needs assessment : Discuss the problems of the organization and determine what training should be implemented
  • 3. Writing behavioral objectives and determining the best method of delivery for your audience
  • 4. Training evaluation : How to determine if your training was a success
  • 5. Case Study: Company's New Hires Jump Ship : Design an Orientation Program to Keep New Hires On Board
  • 6. Case Study: New Managers Struggle to Achieve Goals : Discover the Best Instructional Methods for Delivering Management Training

Six Sigma & Performance of Organizations

       An executive overview of Six Sigma Key concepts of Six Sigma. Why is six sigma succeeding? Applying six sigma to services, manufacturing, Preparing Black Belts and other key role in Organisation, The Roadmap and Tools for implementing Six Sigma.

Entrepreneurship Development: Starting a Business Venture

  • 1. Entrepreneurship Awareness
  • 2. Identifying & Evaluating Business Opportunities
  • 3. Quick Start Methods
  • 4. Preparing Business Plan
  • 5. Refining Business Idea
  • 6. Business Financing
  • 7. Market Research
  • 8. Developing Marketing Plan
  • 9. Managerial & Legal Considerations
  • 10. Business Accounts
  • 11. Cash Management

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Energy Psychology

        The course is designed to get a glance at the endless possibility of human brain and its power to achieve abundance in all aspect of life if used as a tool, with knowledge of its functioning and techniques used to program it anyone can excel in personal and professional life. The program is focused on total development and transformation of an individual to lead a balanced and content life.

Time Management

  • 1. Basics of Time Management : Balancing time between Contribution Value, Leisure Value and Transfer Value
  • 2. Managing Relationship
  • 3. Effective & Efficient Use of Time

E-mail Etiquettes

At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • 1. Explain instances when sending email is necessary and appropriate
  • 2. Identify occasions when sending or retrieving email is unacceptable
  • 3. Understand items they should never send electronically from their workplace
  • 4. Create an email subject line that accurately describes the content of the message
  • 5. State and avoid the most common mistakes people make in business writing
  • 6. Consider the visual components that enhance an email message and make for easy reading
  • 7. Determine who should and should not receive copies of emails
  • 8. Know what to do when emails misfire and reach the wrong people
  • 9. Develop a personal action plan to improve their email skills at work

Real World Etiquette : Modern Manners for Today's Business World and Beyond

  • 1. Explain the four basic behavioral styles and how to adapt to each
  • 2. Describe appropriate office dress
  • 3. Demonstrate effective self introductions, introductions of others, and small talk
  • 4. Successfully navigate a business meal
  • 5. Develop an action plan to improve personal professionalism

New Updates:-

  • 1. HR Scorecard & Dashboard
  • 2. Competency Mapping
  • 3. Train the Trainer
  • 4. Career Direction for Management Student
  • 5. Psychological Assessment
  • 6. Induction Program and etc..

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