Welcome to Spiro Academy


1. What is the purpose of this training course?

The main purpose of this course is to train beginners and junior executives who are on the verge of learning the entire gamut of HR activities. It gives confidence to take up a new job in a challenging environment and helps you to discharge the duty to the satisfaction of your superior.

2. Already I have done MBA in HR and is this again the same sort of learning?

No. Your college curriculum is exam oriented and has little scope for handling real time corporate day-to-day activities. Even though you have studied aspects of HR, it would have not thrown light on the understanding of practical and situational types of handling the mandatory concepts at student level.

3. I am not a management graduate but interested to take up a career in HR, what do you suggest?

You need not be necessarily an MBA. You can be a diploma/graduate with interest for learning. This course takes up from the HR fundamentals and deals with every Key Result Area to give you an insight into the actual responsibilities and systematic administration in HR department.

4. How is the course module designed?

The HR course modules are designed as PPT presentation with enormous real time data, screenshots of online usage, template, bullet points and forms for exercise. It covers all the key result areas step by step with practical application; explains the norms and importance of Acts to be followed on a wider perspective. Of course, minimum course material with templates will be given for ready reference.

5. In what way does this course add weightage to my job search?

The training gives a new signage to your career and brands you as a ‘HR Certified Professional’. Though you start your career as a Trainee, you will be equipped with necessary hands on experience and the possibility of achieving a good performance at work is assured.

6. How about your trainers?

Our trainers are well experienced and from different industries. They have a better edge than the regular lecturers because of their real time experience in administration and in training their team.

7. Would you provide us with samples, case study, home work and conduct test?

Yes, that is the only way to shape you and know the feedback of what you have understood.

8. Do you help us in job placement with good salary?

To the maximum, we strive to assist and guide you in seeking a good entry into corporate HR. The salary will always vary in the job market and fixation is as per norms of the company that hires you. Our intensive training and your cooperation will land you on better career prospects.


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