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Placement Training


      Through the Placement Training conducted in our premises by Spiro HR Academy, we effectively increase the employability skills of our participants (Job seekers). They also undergo Soft Skills Training to enhance their all-round development.

Through our activity based learning, our competency, we aim at equipping participants with the various skills mentioned below:


Interviewing Skills:

Interviews are considered to be the gateway to the corporate world. Hence it is of equal importance to be familiar with the doís and doníts of attending a job interview and coming out in flying colours. We train participants through mock interviews and provide tips on preparing for interviews.

Communication Skills:

Essentials of communications skills are taught to participants in this module. It helps them to provide structure to their thoughts and comprehend othersí ideas in a better manner.

Voice and Accent Training:

This training has been incorporated in our Job Placement Training to encourage participants into speaking with a neutral accent, the importance of voice modulation, pitch, inflection, and so on.

English Language Training:

English is the medium of business communication in todayís world. Hence it is a vital tool and strength to possess when appearing for interviews. Our training will give participants the courage to participate in discussions and to answer interview questions in a clear and intelligent manner.

Email Etiquette Training:

Email is the most favoured and accepted form of formal business communication that exists in todayís global business. Evidence shows that people who communicate well are more favoured during times of promotion. We train our participants on how to convey thoughts and ideas in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming:

What are the various accepted practices to be followed in the corporate world? What are the unsaid codes of conduct? How would a new employee create a positive and lasting impression? These are just a few of the many questions that we would be answering in this module that prepares participants to confidently start/continue their career. For maximum effectiveness of Placement Training, we recommend a training minimum duration of 30 hours.

Course Duration:

30 hrs.

Course fee:

Per Student fee: Rs 4000


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